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Dear Bonnie,
In the Spring of 2022 I called three different companies to research their services and prices for estate sales. There was simply no comparison! Bonnie Botelho, the relatively new owner of Yankee Estate Sales (-with years of experience-) was so personable, informative and upfront on the phone that I knew it would be her company I'd hire. She came to my home the very next day and listened compassionately to my situation and circumstances before explaining the entire sale process and different options available to me. Whatever your particular reasons are for holding an estate sale, know that Bonnie genuinely cares, and she and her knowledgeable team will do everything possible to assist you in preparing for the Sale, throughout the days of the Sale, and long after the Sale! I have been in my home for close to 34 years, and together with my husband of 42 years, raised my wonderful family, and cared for many extended family members here as well. I had "a lot of stuff!" As a recent widow, with adult children and grandchildren in Florida, N.Y., and the South Shore, I was somewhat overwhelmed with where and how to even begin to downsize. To say that Bonnie helped me is an understatement. From patiently answering all my questions (sometimes more than once!) - to arranging for the large dumpster on site prior to the Sale - to providing the Most Awesome Team Members to beautifully stage and sell my belongings in my home - to providing me with a complete accounting of all sales on individual sales booklets - to sharing her contacts and referrals after the Sale so that I could donate items that did not sell - to connecting me with such a responsible and personable young man to remove some furniture and large items that still remained – Bonnie Botelho, Yankee Estate Sales, and Bo's Property Solutions did it all! They made money and I made money – but even more importantly, from my perspective, I successfully navigated a very difficult and emotional time in my life. With the help of Yankee Estate Sales, I was able to tackle my necessary down-sizing, and then put my home on the market. It sold in six days. I sincerely and highly recommend Bonnie Botelho and Yankee Estate Sales if you are considering holding a Sale. Thank you Bonnie, Susan, Charlie, Pam, Jay, Jason, and all the other team members. You have been more helpful than you could possibly know.

Centerville, MA


Bonnie, I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all your help with the Estate sale. With my parents selling their house, and all the arrangements that needed to be taken care prior to the sale, we knew we were up for a task. My parents could not help much and my brothers and I were all from out of state. In comes you. From the first time I spoke with you, I felt very comfortable and confident that thinks would get done. And they did. Everything worked out just as you said, and to this day we still cannot get over how little we had to do, and how much you and your team took care of, to help make this move so easy. From start to finish it was professionally handled. Even our real estate agent commented on how efficient and through your team were. A success from beginning to end. Thanks again for all your help and making this difficult time and event so easy to do, and for making my life much less complicated.

Thanks, Mark


Thanks again for your efforts and time to help make this process a complete success. I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for your services on the Cape. You were fantastic.

All my best, Mark


I am so grateful I worked with Yankee to organize an estate sale. I thought it was something I could do myself, but I am so glad I didn't try when I realized all that was involved. I had no idea how to price items, how to organize so people could see things, how to manage large numbers of people, or how to manage all of the sales. They also brought a huge following of customers, which I could not have done through my own advertising. They helped me tackle an enormous task under a short timeline. They were honest and provided receipts for everything after the sale. For how much they were able to help us make from the sale and the sheer amount of work it took, they were absolutely worth the cost. Thank you, Yankee, for helping us with our estate sale!

KD PhD Student
Falmouth, MA


This is the first time I have had an estate sale. Alan Gray was very thorough going over the process with many details. When Tuesday came, there must have been eight people who took over my house and all the piles of stuff which needed to be sorted and relocated, etc.  It was an unbelievable job they did, all telling me not to worry! At the end of the day I could not say how awesome was the job accomplished! Everything was so organized, staged, or whatever you call the miracle of making sense out of so many things. Alan had told me to not throw anything out, that they would put even a can of soup in the sale.  They redecorated my house and made it so much more accessible!  Ted found a train that was worth quite a bit of money which I did not know I had! It did not sell, but I was given suggestions about what to do.  The teams of workers, some folded, so sorted, etc, led by Carol who was phenomenal! all got along and were pleasing and helpful. Even Chris asked if I had the jitters, to which I replied "YES" At the end of the first day I was surprised that not as much as I thought had been sold, but the next day was much better. Lisa was a tremendous help to my curiosity and "worry" or a better word is concern. And when it was all over, they cleaned up! There were even moving pads put down to protect my rugs.  The next day, Alan came by to get his truck and told me the trash would be removed, which it was when I returned from volunteering!  And you, Nancy were a great coordinator and it was nice to know you were always there for me!

Brewster, MA


Thank you ! Amazing job from the crew. I'm in shock; what an "eye" or talent your crew has. The photo's are fantastic!

Falmouth, MA


I just saw the pictures posted on-line for the estate sale.  What an unbelievable effort your team put into preparing our home for the estate sale.  Based on what I just saw I’m sure the event will be very successful!

Thanks again,
Falmouth, MA


Yankee Estate Sales evaluated, priced, displayed and advertised our estate, which was 33 years of accumulated treasures and memories. The Yankee Estate team treated our valued possessions, memories and small treasures with great respect. When an item was discovered that could have potential personal value - an inscribed book, special Christmas ornament, an engraved object - it was brought to our attention so we could determine if it should continue in the estate sale or remain as a personal treasure. We are truly appreciative of their sensitivity to 33 years of collecting. We had feared that the estate sale would be a painful process, but with Yankee Estate Sale it was pain free.

A huge success!
Elizabeth and Karl


Yankee Estate Sales did a great job!



Hey Team Yankee ! Another great sale -- Sagamore !!! And once again you outdid yourselves with organizing, cleaning, making everything sparkle and yes, super pricing ! Smiles and attentiveness go a long way with us and you all are the best we have found! Accolades to Team Yankee ... just thought it was time to send our thanks your way !

Much Joy,


I sold my home and had a whole house full of items from furniture, kitchen items, linens, small appliances, ride-on lawn mower, you name it! Hiring Yankee Estate sales was the best decision that I made to tackle a project like this. They are very professional, organized and do a fabulous job of showcasing and setting up all the items in the house. They have a very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff. Thank you Alan and team for making my life so much easier!

North Truro, MA


Hello, I passed by a recent Estate (more like Divorce) Sale you ran in Centerville during the weekend of 6/23-14 and picked up a nice DeLonghi Toaster Oven and met Alan. I was impressed with the way you and your staff organized things and greeted and dealt with people.

Thank you,


Dear Alan, Thank you for all your help with our downsize and clean out. We were so impressed with you and your team. Your professionalism, expertise and organization of our estate sale were amazing.
Sincere special thanks to Lorna, Lisa, Karen, Betty, Merle, Dana & Jamie.
You are the best and we appreciate your help.

Sincere thanks.


Dear Alan; It was great working with you both this weekend - and thank you again for your efficiency, your expertise, and for creating a wonderful experience with Yankee Estate Sales - all around. You are experts at what you do - and anyone should feel comfortable placing their home, in your very capable hands. Thank you again! Once again - many thanks, and I hope to work with you all again - in the future.

With all my best,


Hi, Alan! Verna and I dropped some things over last night as you're now probably well aware. Can't believe how impressive your arrangements are! You are truly a pro, and it shows. Believe we got the right person for the job. Will see you on Friday AM.



Just had Yankee Estate Sales help us downsize our home. They were professional, friendly and got us a good bit of money! Good job and many thanks!



After meeting w/you on behalf of my elderly mom I knew she was in good hands. You and your staff proved me more than correct in that assessment. Thank you for taking such good care of her. Your knowledge, professionalism and sensitivity made this a completely painless experience. Hats off to you and your crew!



Yankee Estate Sales is a team of professional people who did a fabulous job of setting up, pricing, displaying and selling my estate, with great success!!!! They are knowledgeable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with!!!! Thanks to their website/advertising, they have a good following and over 300 buyers came through my home. Because of their large client base, they suggested I print a sheet with the info. about my house, which I was about to put on the market. The house sold saving me any broker fees. During the sale, a Yankee salesperson discovered an envelope of $1600 dollars cash, in an umbrella stand, which they promptly gave to me. I would highly recommend using Yankee Estate Sales because they provide great service!
They are dedicated to making your estate sale, the "BEST"!!!

Judith Phillips